Why you need an investor relations or a corporate app?

Tips and benefits of investing in your own APP

As mobile has become a standard and is moving at an incredible speed, there is also the growing need for companies to be innovative in that area. What does this mean? It means they should focus on embracing all sides of digital communication and creating a well-coordinated digital ecosystem for their corporate image. One of the needed tools to become successful in the digital world is the Corporate or Investor Relations Mobile Application. This tool has reached its own innovation levels, as many awards contests now have their own “Best Investor Relations/Corporate mobile application” category, such as Mobile Web Award. While many have already started producing their own native Investor Relations and Corporate App, some companies still do not see the benefits in harnessing this medium.

Why do you need an IR or Corporate App?

  • Mobile now accounts for 64% of digital media time (Marketing Land);
  • 80% of online users own a smartphone, while Apps account for 89% of mobile media time (Social Media Today);
  • 83% of mobile users say that a unified experience across all devices is very important (Social Media Today);
  • 64% of businesses read their emails on mobile (Business 2 Community);
  • 83% of investors rely on mobile when it comes to their work (The IR App);
  • 68% of investors look at IR related content on their mobile device (The IR App);
  • 80% of smartphone users access maps regularly – 26 days a month Marketwired);

With Just one click you can access the results presentation in real time, check the share price and its evolution, financial documentation, multimedia contents, dividends, agenda and many more. However, one may argue that you can do this by accessing the website of a corporate brand as well.

So, what other benefits there are to developing your own IR or Corporate APP?

  • Consistent outreach - corporate and financial information can be visible to all your stakeholders and investors from any mobile devise both online and offline.
  • It provides value to your stakeholders directly in their pocket – you can choose more tailored information than the whole website or investor section and manage it directly via your CMS platform.
  • Forms a seamless brand image – makes you brand standout as innovative and aligned with latest digital trends.
  • Improves engagement with stakeholders – they can receive news and financial information and directly interact with you via the APP.
  • Easier to use during corporate events, roadshows, presentations.
  • Creates a different form of User Experience for your stakeholders - real time alerts, tailored push notifications, evolving stories (Remember that note on how many people use mobile and how much time they spend on Apps?).

How have other companies utilised IR and Corporate Apps in a successful way?

  1. We Are Borsch App

    Starting with the mission statement of the Group the “We Are Bosch App” is different from other investor and corporate apps because it is actually a corporate hub. This hub presents the inner side of the Bosch Group, the company values, strategic points, and strengths, motivations for success and objectives for growth. These are convoyed by illustrative videos, effective navigation and colour use.

  2. Shell Investor and Media

    Shell is an example in the digital landscape not just for great corporate website and investor communication strategies (Bowen Craggs), but also for innovative use of technology for their IR app. It is not just IR content though that Shell provides its users, but also deeper corporate content, such as CSR information, executive speeches, videos and interactive financial tools.

  3. Kingfisher IPad App

    Kingfisher has a very straightforward investor relations app, which allows users to explore the share price, videos, news, documents library and any other financial data. What differentiated the app when it first came out was the option to share information to social media directly from it. Furthermore, the app has helped internal communication between the IR team and the senior management (IR Magazine).

  4. SNAM Network App

    The “SNAM Network App”, curated for both investors and the media world, is an effective tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest developments of the Group. It gives easy access to recent press releases and detailed financial information including share trend, financial reports and market information in a user-friendly format.

Corporate and Investor Apps are becoming a necessity and a pillar for innovation. They are becoming a measure for companies to position themselves and their overall digital communication against peers. They are creating a new paradigm for both IR and corporate communications. For companies adopting new technologies, their growing presence in the digital world can only mean more scalability and unified accessibility for stakeholders.