Ansaldo STSInnovation and CSR as key messages

The structure and the images on the home page already tell the reality of a company that operates in a high-tech sector and has made its mark on national and international mobility and transportation systems.

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Innovation and technology are developed hand in hand with safety and sustainability in order to guarantee the process of progress and development.

The site has adopted a range of graphics that are in line with the standard set by the Hitachi Group, of which Ansaldo is a member company. The new site is more usable, offers improved access to information and the user experience has been improved by the inclusion of a number of micro-animations. Interactive experiences can also be found:

The social media stream has been included on the home page and on the front page of the Careers section, confirming the value of these channels as a way for the Company to talk to its stakeholders and provide a constant flow of news. The editorial plan is rounded off by the establishment of a flow of Press Releases and a News hub.

The Media section also contains an extensive gallery of images and videos.

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last updated: 22 Sep 2017