Message & CarbonsinkA collaboration for corporate climate action

The narrative of climate change has changed over the past five years, with a stronger emphasis on the role of the financial sector in the transition to a sustainable economy. In this scenario, Carbonsink has decided to publish a Report to measure the perception of climate-related risks within the FTSE MIB, the largest Italian stock index by market capitalisation. The main objective is to provide a simple and intuitive tool, based on a limited number of indicators, in order to assess the clarity of climate-related information. Ultimately, this will help stakeholders understanding how companies face the challenge of climate change.

Message, with its new Sustainability Manager Margherita Macellari participated in the initiative with the aim to collaborate with experts in the environmental and financial domains to support the current, urgent, challenge of “Fighting against climate change”.

Download the report here.


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last updated: 28 Oct 2019