MonbatThe new corporate website

The reason why of the new corporate website has been to build a dynamic presentation of the group more in line with its business strategy, more respondent to its market presence and its leadership in the battery industry as well as more aligned with the needs of its stakeholders.
As illustrated in the introductory scrolling home-page, the word “source” becomes the leitmotiv of the website. The business purpose of the company as a “source of power and energy” is strictly connected with the creation of value for investors (“source of value”) and with Monbat’s strong commitments towards its people (“source of difference”) and the environment (“source of future”).
The drivers of the website have been conciseness, visualization and interaction. Through animated infographics, the processes behind the lead acid business operations and the lithium-ion business segment are individually explained in their unique dynamics and components.

The group strategy interactive page connects the business model to the five-year plan and to the strategic pillars: growth, margin gains, competitive edge and long-term targets.

Corporate Website


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last updated: 15 Feb 2018