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Corporate communication is making big steps forward

Corporate communication is making big steps forward leading the way towards new communication paths that merge innovative digital formats with extremely valuable content.

It is the case of one of the top insurance groups in Europe, Unipol, who has just launched its corporate website ( ). The brand-new website shows a thorough rethinking of group digital communication strategies and sets the basis for a renovated online language that is more

1.     Customized: web icons, becoming a creative connecting element over all communication formats of the group, have been manually designed by an illustrator

2.     Integrated: the graphic design and styles of the corporate website will be extended to all Unipol’s communication formats creating consistency between all channels

3.     Direct and authentic: an appropriate tone of voice and terminology have been identified to stay closer to Unipol’s stakeholder experience.

One of the strategic objectives of the project has been that of giving birth to a new digital ecosystem that will support the group reputation and accompany its 3-year industrial plan.

Proximity and empathy with all stakeholders are the core values that have permeated the whole project, from content to design and interaction. The human factor becomes then the guiding principle inspiring every format, initiative and communication style of the corporate website.

The tone of voice, the adaptive layouts that make it easy to access from both desktop and mobile devices, the integration of Unipol’s social media feeds and a reach multimedia archive give evidence of a digital-first approach that strive to build a memorable user experience.

The following are only some of the innovative elements that can be found in the project:

·       A strong integration with sponsorships underlined by a dedicated website, an extremely reach agenda and constant updates of initiatives in coordination with social media channels

·       The story of the group, intertwined with the Italian history, narrated through pictures selected from the Group historical media archive (CUBO)

·       Business strategies and financial performance presented with animated infographics and interactive applications:

  • Industrial plan
  • Sustainability achievements
  • Risk management

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