We must not wait for the new Millennial generation to change our scale of values.

It was a conversation on business communication and we ended up talking about missions and business aims: “Our only aim, the one that drives our economy, is to make a profit!” It made me jump, I wasn’t expecting such a peremptory statement from the CEO of a big, Italian multinational. Do time and events not change things?

A thorough critical analysis of the things we took for granted in the 80s and 90s must be made today at the threshold of a new millennium and, above all, in light of the causes of the profound worldwide crisis we have lived through and are still living through now.

We were brought up and trained to believe in the miraculous power of “profit”, which for too many years remained at the heart of our economy and was thought to be the only element for guaranteeing an equal distribution of wealth and a balanced growth and development thanks to omnipotent and all-encompassing market rules.
However, it is almost impossible not to see the tragic after-effects that the failure of the centrality of profit has left us. Inequality in the western world is even greater, especially between north and south. Today over 3 billion people live below the poverty line and a good 1.3 billion are destitute. Every day 23,000 people die due to a scarcity of resources, 75% of which are children. 80% of global wealth is in the hands of 20% of the population.

We must not wait for the new Millennial generation to change our scale of values. We must stay ahead of the times and create sustainable business models able to overcome any difficulties and secure a foothold in the market and which will remain strong over time and in all sectors. Once we have gone beyond ideologies, we should allow ourselves to be guided by universal values and do business with a renewed and anthropological approach where Man is central.

The importance of values such as honesty, integrity, genuineness and transparency is universally recognised; Let this crisis period be a period of fruitful reviewing of behaviour models which, in the last fifteen years, has proved to have many limits; let’s make common good and solidarity central and oust the dictatorship of consumerism and profit.

The main cause of the crisis can be found in the decline of moral motivation and economy; which should be to build a harmonic and just society in which an individual can fulfil his or her professional and spiritual potential no matter what the social or political background. So what should our aim for the near future be? This is the way I see it: participate, even on an entrepreneurial level, in building the road to progress of your community. By “progress” I mean the spiritual and cultural growth of the individual and not economic growth alone. By “community” I mean all those who in any way bring value to your company - employees, citizens of that territory, customers etc.

This is an opportunity for Business Communication to give new meaning to values and to rethink the approach and aims of the Business Community in order to build a “Brand of Purpose”. An opportunity to shape the content of the “message” as well as the form.

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