PZU as Best Annual Report 2017

Happy to achieve this goal with PZU

“The Best Annual Report 2017” is a competition organized by IRIP, the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes. It is a competition that rewards transparency and reporting best practices in Poland. 

We are proud to announce that our work with PZU was awarded first prize in several categories: first of all as the overall winner as the Best Annual Report (which includes an evaluation of all documents: management board report, financial report and non-compulsory report).

Additionally, PZU also won first prize as Best Online Report among banks and financial institutions, a category crowded with 21 candidates this year. The judges evaluated the work as “innovative, transparent and comprehensive in all aspects - both financial and non-financial issues”.

As Message, we have been working with PZU for the latest 5 years in digital reporting, covering all aspects of the project, from consultancy and advisory, to the full design and development of the website.


Enjoy our work at: http://raportroczny2017.pzu.pl


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