Social Media: what we’ll see in 2017

There will still be time for plans reworking and confirmation?

2016 draws to a close, which means that it is time to present the new forecasts for the year to come. How many revolutions can we expect to deal with in the New Year?

Commerce goes social

Social commerce is the use of social media in the context of e-commerce transactions. For now, there is no such thing in Italy but it is going to be huge in next years. Pinterest and Instagram now allow purchases and this will lead to mainstream adoption for brands. 

The year of the bot
In the artificial intelligence era it’s all about embedding human brains in machines. As we wrote some time ago, bots (or chatbots) can help with customer service. Designed to simulate a real conversation, chatbots are perfect for everyday doubts or tasks like making a reservation, ordering a product, or being notified for deliveries.

So, stay tuned: 2017 will be the year of the bot! 

Content lives between the infinitely large and the infinitely small
People are inundated with information. As we work to personalise everything (from Nutella to bags) globalisation has transitioned into customisation. As tools have become smarter and people’s resistance to advertising grows higher, the need for more relevant content is the unique mission for every company and consumer.

Life goes live
This should come as no surprise. Brands and consumers alike have been using Facebook Live to better interact with their followers. A new study - relative to the United States - found that 41% of pay TV subscribers are planning to cut back on their subscriptions in the next 12 months. Those viewers are moving from TV to social. 

The struggle to be seen

If you miss it, it is gone forever! 
Expiration dates create scarcity and curiosity. With the release of Snapchat's timed message feature and the clone - Instagram Stories, expiring content has become more pertinent than ever: the fact that whatever you see disappears (after 24 hours) means it’s ultra-relevant, but also ultra-immediate. 

Crazy about (virtual) reality
2016 will be remembered as the year of the global craziness about Pokemon Go
Augmented reality has successfully been introduced: it's the future. It is not economic enough for brands just yet and it is not convenient for users to use the ridiculous helmets every day, but it's, for sure, a major innovative turning point in comparison to all of what we've talked about so far. 

When storytelling marries new social media
Storytelling is not the rabbit out of the hat, but new uses of social features, like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, which add more context and immediacy to what we share, are changing audience expectations on how we communicate.


What challenges await brands in 2017?

From the list of novelties and confirmations we can deduce that the relationship with stakeholders will be moving towards being increasingly informal, direct, real-time and without filters (or maybe it will be falsely true, artificially live?). 
There will still be time for plans reworking and confirmation? 
The quality of interaction will be again a crucial point, while its customisation and its peculiarities will allow increasing the level of awareness for companies.

Once again, in our opinion, it will be all about quality.



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